Application for cervical cancer prevention through menstrual tracking

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At Your Cervix

Cervical Cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the world. However, is successfully treatable when caught early. We want to help women not only recognize their early symptoms but also gain agency for their own health by becoming educated on what their own normal menstrual cycle means. Early symptoms of cervical cancer are often times heightened symptoms of a menstrual cycle, most of which are already being logged by women in their period tracking apps. We believe that period tracking apps have an untapped potential. Through a collaboration with a menstrual tracking mobile app we would like to add features that would allow for cervical cancer detection and education of menstrual health through vocabulary each user can understand.

About Us

We are four multi-disciplinary undergrad students at New York University. Our backgrounds include, Global Public Health, Sociology, Computer Science, Social and Public Policy, Mechanical Engineering and Nursing. We competed in the Open 17 Challenge as Team Public Cervix Announcement. Through this 5-week training session we went through problem definition and breaking down each step before creating a solution. In our final pitch we were selected to join the SDG summer school.


Women do not detect cervical cancer early enough to prevent it from becoming fatal


Expanding current apps, like Maya, working to destigmatize women’s health. Changing the app to detect irregularities in women’s cycles to then notify them that they should seek medical attention and connect them with additional resources

Key Metrics

Analytics of the app will reveal how many times the app has flaged irregularities in individual’s cycles and the user engagement with cervical cancer resources Overtime, there will be a measurable increase in early screenings for cervical cancer


Collaboration with a period tracking app for the user information that currently exists within the app Cervical cancer research to support the validity of the resources that would be added to the app Access to cervical cancer prevention programs that exists in other countries to determine how to approach different cultures and geographic locations

Unique Value Proposition

Allow users to input symptoms that could indicate early signs of cervical cancer while providing personalized information on reproductive health and directions to nearby clinics or health care practitioners


The algorithm written in Python detects irregularities based on a user’s regular cycle and symptom input.

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